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Senior & No-Limit Challenge

10 september 2021

Short Distance | Swim 20 minutes • Bike 23k • Walk 6.5k Middle Distance | Swim 20 minutes • Bike 33k • Walk 6.5k Long Distance | Swim 20 minutes • Bike 35k • Walk 10k

Race Information

During the World Triathlon Multisport Championships CHALLENGEALMERE-AMSTERDAM will feature the Senior & No-Limit Challenge: a recreational triathlon. Seniors (55+) can join the Senior Challenge and people with an intellectual disability can participate in the No Limit Challenge. We challenge you to partake in this unique triathlon!

Course maps

Swim course

20 minutes in the swimming pool at FBK Sportpark

The swimming takes place in the swimming pool from Van Rheenen Sport at the Fanny Blankers Koen Sportpark (Marathonlaan 10, Almere). Each participant will swim for 20 minutes before leaving the water.

Bike course

1 lap of 25K or 35K

The bike course will be a 23km or 33km guided tour through Almere. The speed will be about 15km/h (short distance) and 17km/h (middle and long distance). The course starts at FBK Sports Park and ends at the Esplanade.

During the bike ride wearing a helmet is obligated.

Walk course

1 lap of 6.5K or 10K around the lake Weerwater

Guided by Trim Slim and the Almeerdaagse, participants complete a walking course of 6,5 or 10 km. The average speed will be 5km/h (short and middle distance) and 6km/h (long distance).

We will take a break after each activity in order to rest.

Entry Fees

Participation costs € 10,-. You will enjoy a sportive and fun day out, a finisher’s shirt, a drinking bottle, fruit, coffee and tea at the start, a lunch, a medal and a drink at the finish line. The support is provided by volunteers from various sport clubs from Almere.

Senior & No-Limit Challenge Schedule

10 September 2021

10th September
between 08:30 and 10:30am
Start by swimming in several groups
FBK Sportpark
10th September
between 09:30am and 12:00pm
Together with a guide, participants will take part in a 25 or 35 km bike course through Almere
10th September
between 11:30 am and 01:00 pm
VIP AREA, Esplanade
10th September
Between 01:00 and 02:30pm
Together with a guide, participants walk 6,5 or 10 km alongside the Weerwater
10th September
+/- 2:45pm

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The Senior & No-Limit Challengel is organized by Sportservice Flevoland, De Schoor, Triade, Van Rheenen Sport, FRTC Almere, TrimSlim and CHALLENGEALMERE-AMSTERDAM.

The Senior & No-Limit Challenge is made possible by the province of Flevoland and the city of Almere.