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Entry Fees

Entry Fees World Triathlon Long Distance Championships

World Championships Series

Entry fee
Long Distance Triathlon

What is included in the entry fee?

Final race kit composition will be available in the Athlete Guide

World Triathlon Long Distance Championships License

In order to represent your country on the World Triathlon Long Distance Championships additional licenses might be required. Please contact your national federation for more information about this as the qualification criteria differ from country to country.

Carbo Loading Party & Extra tickets

There will be two Carbo Loading Parties for the World Championship athletes competing in 1 or more event: 

  1. Friday the 3th after the Opening Ceremony. More details will follow for this Carbo Loading Party.
  2. Saturday the 11th before the Long Distance Triathlon race (after the Briefing) the Carbo Loading Party will be organized for all athletes. When you register for the race, you can buy extra tickets for your friends and family to join you this evening. Adults € 17,50 / Children € 10,-

For Open serie athletes: Carbo Loading Party #2 is included for Open serie Long Distance athletes. For other Open serie athletes no Carbo Loading Party is included.