05 Sept, 2020 | Run 5k • Bike 20k • Run 2.5k

Race Information

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Course maps

Run course

2 laps of 2.5K

Your first run, 5km, consists of two loops around ‘De Kemphaan’, a famous local nature area. The run will take place on a completely paved course on tarmac. No doubt your pace can be very high here!


Bike course

Junior: 3 laps of 6.3K
Age Group & Para 1 lap of 20K

It’s one loop of 20km: completely flat roads are waiting for you, all on perfect tarmac and during your ride you will cross the world famous dykes of Almere. At one hand you can see the water, while you have the suburbs of our beautiful city at your other hand.
Juniors are going for a one loop bike ride of 6.3km. This bike course is fast and has only four loops!

Age Group & Para

Run course

1 lap of 2.5K

Your second run, 2.5km, consists of one final loop around ‘De Kemphaan’. The course is the same as your first run, but the finish awaits you after just one loop of 2.5km!


*The Sprint Duathlon will take place 10km outside of our city centre

Entry fees

Sprint Duathlon
Open Serie Sprint Duathlon

What's in the Sprint Duathlon Race Kit?

Every participant receives the Sprint Duathlon Race Kit: a bag filled with various goodies and gear you’ll need for the race.

  • MyLaps Chip
  • Bib number
  • Bike stickers
  • Helmet stickers
  • Bib tattoos
  • Athlete wristband
  • Red bike bag
  • Blue run bag
  • Green after race bag

Final race kit composition will be available in the Athlete Guide

Sprint Duathlon Schedule

05 September 2020

4th September
5th September
09:00 am
Sprint Duathlon – Start Age Group M16 – M29
5th September
09:03 am
Sprint Duathlon – Start Age Group M30 – M44
5th September
09:06 am
Sprint Duathlon – Start Age Group M45 – M59
5th September
09:09 am
Sprint Duathlon – Start Age Group > M60
5th September
09:55 am
Sprint Duathlon – Start Age Group F16 – F44
5th September
09:57 am
Sprint Duathlon – Start Age Group > F45
5th September
01:00 pm
Sprint Duathlon – Junior Men
5th September
01:45 pm
Sprint Duathlon – Junior Women
5th September
03:30 pm
Sprint Duathlon – Start Paratriathlon
5th September
06:30 pm
Sprint Duathlon – Open Wave

Prize money

ITU Multisport World Championships will have a total prize purse of $270.000. Prize money is for the elite/pro divsion only. You must hold a pro license to qualify for prize money.

Start Lists

Look at the start list of 2020 ITU Multisport World Championships!

You will receive your starting package before the race after you tell us your starting number (will be assigned 1 week prior the race) and show us your ID card.

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