CHALLENGEALMERE-AMSTERDAM awarded for best Finishline Party and Best After-Race Food

Thanks to the brand new CHALLENGEFAMILY Awards, introduced couple of weeks ago, CHALLENGEALMERE-AMSTERDAM may say it has the best Finishline Party and Best After-Race Food. Athletes from all over the world
voted for this awards and has chosen CHALLENGEALMERE-AMSTERDAM as the best you can get.

Most likely we all remember one of the most spectacular finishes in history of CHALLENGEALMERE-AMSTERDAM.
British Heather Holt crossed the finishline this year after over 14 hours and did it dancing like crazy. This moment was captured and the video of it was going viral directly after. Video has been seen over 500.000 times already so
far and still counting. CHALLENGEALMERE-AMSTERDAM every year attracts about 30.000 spectators cheering for every athlete till the very end of the race, and thousands of them were witness of this magical moment.

CHALLENGEALMERE-AMSTERDAM also has been rewarded for ‘Best After Race Food’. Athletes from all over the world were in love with the quality and quantity of choices during the event. “We’re very proud with this awards”, said Race Director Richard Belderok. ”Our team with over 700 volunteers is working as hard as possible to create a race to remember, year after year. For us it’s all about the athletes. It doesn’t need any explanation that’s it’s amazing if athletes award us for all our work then. We’re not only proud, but above all very grateful!”

Here you can see the overview of all awards:

Best Race Venue:                         CHALLENGEGRANCANARIA

Best Swim Course:                      CHALLENGETAIWAN

Best Bike Course:                        CHALLENGEROTH

Best Run Course:                         CHALLENGEPEGUERA-MALLORCA

Best fans/crowd:                         CHALLENGEROTH

Best Pasta Party:                         THECHAMPIONSHIP

Best Finishline Party:                  CHALLENGEALMERE-AMSTERDAM

Best New Race:                           CHALLENGECAPETOWN

Best After-Race Food:                CHALLENGEALMERE-AMSTERDAM

Most Eco-Friendly:                      CHALLENGEHEILBRONN

Most Family-Friendly:                 CHALLENGEWANAKA

Race of the Year:                        CHALLENGEPEGUERA-MALLORCA

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