2020 ITU Multisport World Championships: meet Team Kenya

With the 2020 ITU Multisport World Championships, of course, athletes from all over the world will come to Almere. During the upcoming months we will look forward to the World Championships with various team managers. Today we’ll kick of with Vincent Ochieng of Team Kenya.

Team Kenya is already guaranteed to come with fifty athletes, but Ochieng hopes that there will be more duathletes and triathletes who will qualify for Almere. In February there will be some qualifiers again. “50 athletes: it’s an amazing amount already. For comparison: this year we went to Pontevedra with a group of 26 athletes. Triathlon is really getting more and more popular every day in Kenya.”

It’s quite logical, because apart from the fact that triathlon is a beautiful sport, for many Kenyans it’s almost impossible to make career into the even more popular sport of running there. “For example three Kenyans are allowed to run the Olympic marathon, but here we have about three hundred runners who reach the Olympic limit. Duathlon and triathlon gives us a new career path then.”

Since the success in Pontevedra – Kenya did win a gold Age Group 20-24 medal duathlon for example – the sport is getting even more popular. “Local people saw this and it got their attention then. This is good for the sport and we’re aiming to win even more medals in Almere. We are also busy setting up a new triathlon federation, so that we can get more support from the government.”

This is needed because duathlon and triathlon can be very expensive sports, especially for a big group of workless Kenyans. ,,We have mid-class Age Groupers, but also people without a job. You can imagine they can’t afford to buy a bicycle or a ticket for the World Championships. We are busy setting up crowdfundings for this.”

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