All details 2020 ITU Multisport World Championships: races, registration and more!

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The 2020 ITU Multisport World Championships will take place in Almere from September 4th to September 13th.

In this newsletter:
– World Championships races
– Open races
– Middle Distance 2020
– Recommended Challenge Family Middle Distance races!
– Recommended Middle Distance in The Netherlands!

World Championship races: registration via your National Triathlon Federation

Registration for one or more World Championships races can only be done via your national triathlon federation. In some cases there are additional qualification requirements. In case of the NTB (Dutch Triathlon Federation), the qualification requirements are described here:

The ITU Multisport World Championships will contain 6 World Championships races:

5 september
Sprint Duathlon (5k – 20k – 2.5k)
6 september
Standard Duathlon (10k – 40k – 5k)
8 september
Cross Triathlon (1K – 29.5 K – 7.5K) and Junior (500m – 9.5K – 2.5K)
10 september
Aquathlon (1K – 5K)
12 september
Aquabike (3.8K – 180K)
12 september
Long Distance Triathlon (3.8K – 180K – 42.2K)

Open Races Challenge Almere-Amsterdam 2020 

In addition to the World Championships races, we organise a number of open races as well. As these races aren’t World Championships, no qualification requirements are needed for these open races and the registration does take place directly via our organisation. Your National Triathlon Federation has nothing to do with these open series races. Down below you’ll find all the open series races, for which registration has opened right away via

September 5th          Open Sprint Duathlon                      (5k – 20k – 2.5k)
September 10th        Junior Challenge                              (0.38k – 18k – 4.2k)
September 10th        Business / Family-Relay                 (3 times: 0.38k – 6k – 2k)
September 11th        Senior- / No-Limit Challenge
September 12th        Long Distance Triathlon                   (3.8k – 180k – 42,195k)
September 12th        Long Distance Triathlon TriTogether (3.8k – 180k – 42,195k with 3 team members) 

Please note the conditions below:


-The Open Series Long Distance race has a limited number of entries (max. 200 individual + TriTogether, so beware this will sell out quickly!).

-Because registration for the World Championships races are taken care of via your National Triathlon Federation and Open Races by us, you can’t switch your chosen race after registration. Make sure to pick the right one in advance!

No Middle Distance 2020

Due to additional requirements for the World Championships Long Distance and Aquabike, we didn’t find any possibility to organize a Middle Distance in 2020 as well. In 2021, when our ‘regular’  CHALLENGEALMERE-AMSTERDAM returns, our Middle Distance is back on our scheduled calendar. If you want to race any other Middle Distance in 2020, there are plenty of options. We highly recommend you the following races down below!

Recommended Middle Distances 2020!

Instead of our  CHALLENGEALMERE-AMSTERDAM Middle Distance, you can choose for a lot of other very challenging races! For example the iconic  CHALLENGEGERAARDSBERGEN (see picture below) in Belgium. During this race you will cross the world famous ‘Muur van Geraardsbergen’ twice! But also CHALLENGEHERNING in Denmark (very close to Legoland!) and CHALLENGEHEILBRONN, in Germany, are highly recommended! 

June 7th          Challenge Geraardsbergen 

June 13th       Challenge Herning 

June 21st       Challenge Heilbronn 

Recommended Middle Distance in The Netherlands!

Of course we also like to see you at the start of TRI AMSTERDAM (make sure to check the amazing video below!). This race will take place on June 21st and our organization team is closely involved. This high quality race will of course take place in our amazing capital Amsterdam. You will swim in ‘de Amstel’ (most famous river of the city), bike through spectacular, typical Dutch landscapes, run through the city and have a nice finish next to the Amstel again. Registration is open already!

June 21st        TRI AMSTERDAM

If you register before January 1st and use the code ‘CAA2020-MIDDLE’ at your registration, you will receive a free ‘Triathletes Never Quit’ hoodie! 

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